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After 20 years of working in the industry and acquiring vast knowledge , our Vice President, Mike Switzer, decided that the fastener industry was missing many important things that were just not being addressed with the current suppliers.  Friendly fast service was almost non-existent.  Whether speaking on the phone or through e-mails, there seemed to be no sense of urgency or customer concern. In 2015 our President and Founder Yordy Switzer, an FIU Alumni majoring in International Business and Management, decided to do something about this by starting a new Fastener Distributor that focuses on the customer and their needs, Business to Business.  This is when Force Fasteners was born.

 In the years that followed, Force Fasteners International has grown into a company which customers can rely on with not only fasteners, but everything in between.  Customers large and small discovered not only the savings they find with Force, but a smile that you can sense over the phone or when reading an e-mail.  We offer genuine appreciation towards our clients, both new and current.

Whether you have us furnish an entire shopping mall from scratch or need a repair of existing work; we bring the best practices and industry knowledge with us. We've worked with all the big export, wholesale, and commercial clients and are a highly sought after when it comes to speedy estimates and on time delivery.

We have literally thousands of satisfied customers whose trust we've earned with quality products and the highest levels of professionalism.

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Mike Switzer - Vice President